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* Do you know what the MX record is?

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MX record, a.k.a. Mail Exchange DNS record is the one who is responsible for the acceptance of the incoming emails of a certain domain.

Manage your MX records, from your control panel, at your DNS hosting provider. From there, you can edit the MX records and point them to a new email hosting provider, if you have changed it. If you don’t do it, you won’t be able to receive emails.

How to create an MX record?

When you are creating a MX record, you will need to write:

  • The hostname first.
  • Then type of record – MX in this case.
  • To direct it to the email server. Put the location of the server in “Points to”
  • Set a TTL – how long, should this record be kept
  • And last the priority. Starting from 0 for highest priority and 65535 for the lowers priority

Example of an MX-record